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Our Work

The ialign national research initiative commenced in November 2013.

Since then, we have taken data from education experts from across Australia, to understand the core aspects of self that underpin educator excellence.

The response has been overwhelming, right from lead teachers in the classroom, to leaders in our schools, to leaders in the sector… through to those in the political arena.

It's been an exhausting, but exhilarating experience! We've barely taken a moment to breath, let alone show our appreciation to all those involved, so to everyone who has given their time to date - Thank you!

We now know that educators see student outcomes as, not only dependent on educator skills, knowledge and experience, but linked to the strengths, mindset, values and characteristics of the educator themselves.

We have established robust science in this space and we can now help educators, aspiring leaders and leaders to profile themselves - allowing them to understand their strengths, motivators, values and characteristics as educators.

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