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About us

ialign® started as a passion project, between a Psychologist (Rebecca Edgley) and an Educator (Tara Staritski), to improve our education system…

Rebecca & Tara had lots of in depth conversations about the psychology of educational excellence, which led to a joint venture to create a long-term sustainable solution to support educational excellence at an underpinning level…

To date, the dominant focus in the education sector has been on developing the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of our educators. Our view point is that there is a third pillar, consistently acknowledged anecdotally, and now surfacing in the academic literature, which is critical in the development of educator excellence - Strengths, Characteristics, Attributes, Mindset, Values & Motivators.

Widespread acknowledgement of the need to understand the inherent aspects of self that facilitate success in this profession, led ialign to undertake a 4 year research process to construct layers of an evidence hierarchy to gain a deeper understanding about what truly underpins educational excellence.

Many experts have contributed, from outstanding educators in the classroom, through to those with significant influence in the education sector nationally. We are truly grateful for the generous offering of time from education departments, Catholic Education, Independent Schools, Federal Minister of Education; Early Childhood associations, Universities, and Principal associations, across Australia.

Now, we are developing a rigorous, reliable and valid measurement mechanism, so we can validate our findings and offer educators the opportunity to learn, grow and develop sustainable educational excellence from within… Created by educators for educators

This project is funded through invested capital from Switch Education Recruitment and OutsideIn Group.

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